Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Offenses by Aboriginal individuals leading to incarceration

Are there any data on this, anywhere? A student is looking for information on the types of crimes committed by people of Aboriginal origin that lead to incarceration of some kind. I've found some reports on the Public Safety Canada website, but the offence categories given are quite broad. What I imagine is something like what appears in CANSIM table 251-0013, but for adults and youth, and where information on the Aboriginal offenders is available.

We have received the following response from subject matter regarding your request:

"I have looked into the request and the details of the offense and incarceration (like in table 251-0013 CANSIM) is no longer collected, so the available data are until 2014. We will start collecting these data again and will be releasing them in the future, but not at this point in time."