Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CCHS 2015 - Nutrition Component Availability

Could you please tell me when the CCHS 2015 Nutrition component data will be available in the RDC?

Also, I believe I saw that someone recently asked on the list about the CCHS 2015 PUMF and that the response was that there wasn’t going to be a PUMF released for just the 2015 data or the nutrition data. Am I remembering this correctly?

The CCHS 2015 Nutrition data has been available in the RDC’s as of Friday June 29th 2017. They are now available for use in the RDCs. Furthermore, the CCHS team has confirmed the following: There is a CCHS Nutrition PUMF in the works. No committed release date as yet. I would say end of 2017 at the earliest, but more likely sometime in 2018. We’ll likely have a better idea on the timing at the end of the summer.