Friday, July 7, 2017

CTUMS variance tables for 2007

Can anyone tell me why the variance tables for CTUM 2005 are available on the Statistics Canada website but 2007 aren't?

2005 seems to be available from but all I can find for 2007 are the user guides.

Variability tables for CTUMS 2007 can also be found on the DLI PUMF EFT safe: /MAD_PUMF_FMGD_DAM/Root/4440_CTUMS_ESUTC/2007/annual/doc

If you require any assistance with accessing your EFT account, please let us know.

I inquired whether they would be placed online and unfortunately there are no plans to put them online; but they are part of our release package for the PUMF that the DLI receives and uploads to the EFT.