Friday, January 22, 2016

Vital Statistics - Death Database


A student is looking for the number of deaths, ages 0-74, both sexes, most recent data available, for all health regions in Canada from the Vital Statistics – Death Database. I found a CANSIM table that had this by province but there doesn’t seem to be anything for health regions. Is this data available by health region?


CANSIM table 102-4311 has 2009/2011 "premature mortality" (click on "Add/Remove data" or download the entire dataset) by health regions, by gender, and by rates or counts. The footnote for premature mortality explains that "Premature deaths are those of individuals who are younger than age 75."

I found the table by following footnotes in the Health Profiles. I look there first when I am trying to find health data available by health region, followed by loading up all the CANSIM tables from the health subject page and then using "Ctrl-F" (Command-F with a Mac) to quickly find all tables that have "health regions" in their titles.