Friday, January 8, 2016

Postal Code Conversion File - current representation order of federal ridings


A researcher wants to match postal codes to the current federal ridings using the Postal Codes by Federal Ridings File, (psfrf).

As you know, the latest November 2014 pcfrf contains the old Federal electoral districts 2003 Representation Order (as does the pccf), so we wondered if new files are in the works giving the latest ridings from the 2012 federal redistribution process? If so, is there a release date yet?


I’ve received the following response from subject matter regarding this:
“There are two versions of the PCFRF with November 2014 date currently available, one with the 2003 Representation Order (released on 2015 April 14), and the second with the 2013 Representation Order, released on 2015 September 2. As noted on the PCFRF product page,, the most recent release of the PCFRF DOES in fact use the 2013 Representation Order.”