Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics 2012


Is the next SLID PUMF expected to be out in June 2016?


We’ve located the following announcement regarding the 2011 SLID:
This is the last release from the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics and contains cross-sectional estimates only. Effective with the 2012 reference year, cross-sectional income esitmates will be available from the Canadian Income Survey (record number 5200).Longitudinal estimates are available up to and including 2010.For detailed information related to previous SLID releases, please click on the 'Other reference periods' sidebar.
I’ve contacted the subject matter area for the Canadian Income Survey and have received the following response:
“Our plans as of now are to try and release the CIS PUMFs in the Fall of 2016. At that time we are hoping to release 2012 and 2013. And hopefully 2014 shortly after.”