Friday, June 19, 2015

Updated Products: General Social Survey (PUMF) 2010

Please note that the GSS PUMF Cycle 24 was updated.

The updated products listed below and the path to access them via the EFT site.

(1) Main and Episode Data Files
(2) Main and Episode Data Dictionaries with Frequencies
(3) User Guide

A new series of weights is available for Cycle 24. The weights have been adjusted
to add calibration by reference day. Since analyses of activities for a given day
could be significantly affected, it is suggested to redo the analyses using the
new weighting.

There were no updates to:
No Frequency Data Dictionaries
SPSS / SAS Cards

Note: 'ACTCODE = 2' is reserved for episodes where the respondent refused or
did not remember what activity they were doing in EPI_Q100_X.


/MAD_DLI/Root/other-products/General Social Survey - gss/cycle24-2010