Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pump Prices by Province 1960-1964


Does anyone know of a source for gasoline pump prices (not a price index) by province (or even just Alberta) for 1960-1964? I've found prices for later years via NRCan.

The fact that analysts compiled pump prices in some publications <http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2008/lop-bdp/prb/prb0755-e.pdf> could be an indication that they aren't available in an official publication, but any leads would be helpful.


There might be some information in the following publications. I have copied some records from our library catalogue but I have not confirmed whether they include useful details. The last title may not be useful as it may not have historical information. Also, our library does participate in interlibrary loan if you are interested in borrowing titles. If you want to check further you can use our library catalogue via the website at: <http://legislative.voyager.uregina.ca:7208/vwebv/searchBasic>.


Title: Gasoline marketing in the context of the oil industry.
Variant Title:Report to the Honourable A. Russell Patrick, Minister of Industry & Tourism from the Gasoline Marketing Enquiry Committee. Author:Alberta. Gasoline Marketing Enquiry Committee.
Other Author(s):McKenzie, Kenneth A.
Publisher:[Edmonton] : L. S. Wall, Queen's Printer for Alberta, 1968, c1969.

Title:Report relating to the distribution and sale of gasoline in the city of Winnipeg and elsewhere in the province of Manitoba.
Variant Title:North Star and Shell gasoline consignment plans
Author:Canada. Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.
Other Author(s):Canada. Office of the President of the Privy Council.
Canada. Dept. of Justice.
Publisher:Ottawa : Dept. of Justice, 1966.

Title:Competition in the Canadian petroleum industry / Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.
Author:Canada. Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.
Other Author(s):Stoner, O. G.
Canada. Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.
Publisher:Ottawa : The Commission, c1986.