Monday, March 16, 2015

Fixed Reproducible Tangible Wealth


I received this question from one of our Economics PhD students:

"I need net amount of household final consumption on durable goods for my thesis. If you look at Cansim table 38-0038, you will see durable goods numbers for each year but those are gross amounts.

Chain-type quantity index for net stock of fixed reproducible tangible wealth is another data set which I need. This index helps us to get real net stock of fixed reproducible tangible wealth which is the sum of durable goods owned by consumers, lows and stocks residential capital Flows and stocks of fixed non-residential capital.​"

Is this available via DLI?


The subject matter confirmed that:

"We don’t match the Capital cost allowance (CCA) with the type of durable goods. This data is not available. 
We also don’t deflate wealth."