Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Metadata for 2011 Census/NHS


There is no metadata for the master files of either the 2011 census or the NHS on the STC Nesstar site; are either of them forthcoming soon (will there even be one for the 2011 census? I know there won't be a PUMF.) I have a researcher who is contemplating as custom tab from each and needs variable lists to consult, and I suspect the PUMF codebook for the NHS won't be detailed enough.


The DLI has been able to add the DDI metadata for masterfiles into the DLI Nesstar, thanks to the RDC Metadata project, which ended in 2012. There was additional funding to code several more master files, which ended in March 2014.

We have recently hired two students to code PUMF and masterfile microdata into DDI, however, I will have to confirm if NHS is on the RDC's priority list.

I will inquire if a zero-count codebook is available that could be shared.