Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HES 2013 Release Questions


I noticed a couple of things with the HES 2013 Release:
1. The syntax zip file has 4 data files packed into it, which makes the name “Syntax” not entirely correct and

2. There are 2 copies of HES_i.sas and HES_o.sas, and as far as I can determine the only difference between them is that the comments have been removed from the newer set and the zero padding is different.

MD5 (HES_i.sas) = 17c775919840b54523a95421a0148adc
MD5 (./SAS/HES_i.SAS) = b10a6994da4fb62dee590be82afa8e34

MD5 (HES_o.sas) = c5b4e88fddd4ef942db393957530a906
MD5 (./SAS/HES_o.SAS) = bcdca0d8261600edcdd284532a70e23d


1.  We have begun staging the data files and using a verification tool to ensure variable and observation counts, see attached. If you would like to suggest how to save the files differently, we are open to your suggestions.

2. Subject matter confirmed:
"I can't shed any particular light on why this is, particularly with respect to the zero padding. The two flavours of each file will produce essentially the same end result. There are no differences in the column offsets for the inputs, so the ones outside the SAS can be deleted."

As recommended, we will remove from the EFT the .sas syntax cards outside the SAS sub-folder.