Friday, March 13, 2015

Incarceration Statistics


Are there statistics in Canada indicating incarcerations by race? I believe that is how it is done in the U.S.

I think we have some figures on aboriginal numbers but nothing more. However, I noticed an article in the Winnipeg Sun referring to a 69% increase in the black population in federal prisons.


I received a very similar request recently and here is the response from subject matter:

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics has further investigated the data availability, the inquired ‘ crime data by race’ is not available even through custom data request because Uniform Crime Reporting Survey does not collect the inquired data by race.

There is some data by ‘aboriginal/non-aboriginal identity’ that may be of interest to you.

Adult Correctional Services (ACS) is the source of data < :81/imdb/>

Related CANSIM tables can be found at: <>

· 251-0026 Adult correctional services, community admissions to provincial and territorial programs by Aboriginal identity: <>

· 251-0022 Adult correctional services, custodial admissions to provincial and territorial programs by aboriginal identity: <>