Thursday, December 18, 2014

Retail Sales by NAICS Code


A researcher is looking for “retail sales by naics code for different employee size categories. Would it be possible to acquire these data for NAICS 444 for each of the CMAs in Ontario and for Ontario as a whole?”

A subsequent message indicated that he thinks this is collected via the Business Register, but I don’t see anything in the documentation on the STC website indicating that retail sales is a variable.

CANSIM supplies us with Table 080-0026 (data from Annual Retail Trade Survey) but only at Canada level and no employee size categories.

But maybe there’s more behind what I can see or a way of joining those two data files together! Let me know what you know or find.


Would the following table meet your researcher’s needs? I confirmed with Retail and Service Industries Division that they would not have this type of information available.

CANSIM table 551-0006. See below snip image:
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