Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Corn Prices in Canada


Table 001-0010 on Cansim gives the average price per tonne of corn up to 1984.

What happened to the price after this date? Is there a good source for Canadian corn prices from 1985-to date?


The Agriculture Division Confirmed that we, Farm cash receipts, have corn prices starting in 1986. There are also monthly corn prices back to 1985 available through another DLI member.

The Farm cash receipts annual average price is based on corn marketed by producers within a year and does not include grain corn sold for feed from farm to farm within the same province or feed fed on the farm.

Our price may not be exactly comparable to the prices in 001-0010.

I believe the prices in 001-0010 are on an annual crop year base rather than an annual calendar year, and we think it is an average of all the crop production (including fed on farm).

The latter difference (including all feed corn) would not likely make much of a difference for corn but unfortunately we cannot compare a common year to see for sure.

We could create a file with average annual corn prices from 1986 to date in about an hour.