Friday, December 5, 2014

CSD geography changes (2011) corresponding to years 2002 - 2010


I have a researcher looking for information on CSD geography changes (2011) corresponding to years 2002 - 2010

1) What sources she should work with to trace Census-to-Census CSDuid correspondences?

So far, we have come across the following document as a reference source: "Interim List of Changes to Municipal Boundaries, Status, and Names (geography products: geographic reference products)" <>

We note that this document lists changes by CSD names and not by CSDuid’s (in tables 1 and 2. 
There seem to be two types of changes that would be relevant to her CSDuid matching work (re: 2011 CSDuid’s to the four CCHS cycles): 4 Dissolution and 5A CSD has annexed a complete CSD (could also include the annexation of another CSD part).

2) Is this correct, are these above-mentioned two changes the ones that would be relevant for CSD correspondence purposes? Are there others?

3) Could these tables be made available in a spreadsheet-friendly format with matching CSDuid’s, so that she can search by Remarks, e.g. Complete annexation or Now part of (dissolution), and then capture the relevant CSDuid’s? 

4) If not, should she create her own CSDname/CSDuid lookup tables from the PCCF’s? 

5) Would there happen to be an easier way to do this? Are there actual tables that would give the Census-to-Census CSDuid corresponding changes? 


1) That is correct, we don’t have an electronic Census to Census CSDuid correspondence file but we do track changes through this document. There are concordance tables showing changes to Census Subdivisions between Census years, however they only show those CSDs which have changed and is not a complete listing of CSDs for each Census year.
The links to these tables are found on the Concordances between classifications page of the Definitions, data sources and methods website: < cordances-classifications-eng.htm>. Table 2 does contain the CSDuid. The link I provided above also includes the CSDuid.

2) Please refer to Table B within the desired Interim List; the bottom of the table outlines all CSD change codes. To best address this person’s inquiry about correspondence, are they asking only about geographic change? One could argue that name changes and changes to population counts also constitute a change.

3) Please refer the client to the link above and see if it meets her needs.

4) See above.

5) See above.