Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Requested List of 2001 Global Non-Response Rates by Census Tracts


May we please request help locating a list of global non-response rates for 2001 Census Tracts? And in follow-up may we also request technical documentation on the global non-response rates threshold for suppressing Census Tract aggregate data (100% and 20%)? If this is not digitized, catalogue numbers would be great. A graduate student would like to know the reason for suppression of CT 5050054.00 data for a Geography thesis.


Have you consulted 2001 Census Handbook, Appendix B: <>. Data Quality, Sampling and Weighting, Confidentiality and Random Rounding?

Within the appendix, it is noted: "Area suppression is the deletion of all characteristic data for geographic areas with populations below a specified size. The extent to which data are suppressed depends upon the following factors:
- If the data are tabulated from the 100% database, they are suppressed if the total population in the area is less than 40.
- If the data are tabulated from the 20% sample database, they are suppressed if the total non-institutional population in the area from either the 100% or 20% database is less than 40.

There are some exceptions to these rules.