Friday, November 18, 2011

MARC records for DLI products


Where can I get MARC records for all the DLI products?  From this message on the STC website, I’m guessing they exist: “If you are a member of the Depository Services Program (DSP) or the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) you can download the MARC record(s) for this Statistics Canada product directly into your cataloguing database.”


On the search page for the Statistics Canada library catalogue, the right hand side bar has  information on downloading Marc records in the Z39.50 format.

Z39.50 protocol enables you to search and retrieve MARC records from the Statistics Canada Library database using software connected to the Internet. This service does not require registration, simply configure your ILS Z39.50 server with the following parameters:
Database: Unicorn
IP address:
Port number: 2200Once you have configured your ILS Z39.50 server, consult your ILS documentation for how to proceed with downloading library catalogue MARC records.

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