Friday, November 4, 2011

Alcohol consumption, 1940 - 2005


I'm looking for stats related to alcohol consumption per capital (in litres of alcohol) in Canada between 1940 and 2005 (I'm not looking for the different types of drinks). If possible, I'm also looking for stats regarding higher quantities of alcohol consumption (5 glasses or more at least once a month for the last 12 months) between 1940 and 2005). Does this information exist?


The best source found was "Canada Food Stats" (catalogue number 23F0001XBB): This product provides access to a broad spectrum of food statistics and indicators. It contains information on per capita food availability for consumption and food prices, nutrition, supply and demand, as well as data on the food industry, processing, employment, productivity, trade and much more. The product provides users with easy access to large volumes of data, access to pre-defined tables or the ability to query the database and create unique tabulations.

Specific to your question, it contains data on alcohol consumption in litres per person since 1960.  Unfortunately, there was no retrievable information regarding your query regarding high quantities of alcohol consumption.

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