Friday, November 6, 2009

Levels of Geography for Agricultural Data


What is the smallest level of geography for which one can obtain data on (a) number of livestock (preferably, but not necessarily broken down by species), with no regard for the number of farms they come from, and (b) the number of farms (of any kind, not just livestock farms)?

Two researchers here at York are interested in getting data for an area that, as closely as possible, conforms to the area of a watershed that straddles the border between Perth and Wellington counties in Western Ontario. The closest they can get from DLI data is the North Perth CCS, contains about 60% of the watershed, but is actually at least twice its size. The other portion is not within any of the CCS in Wellington County. Can they get the numbers they want (via a custom tabulation) for each of the CSDs in the relevant area, or is the DLI data the best they can hope for?


Our Agriculture Division can produce data for custom, user-defined, geographies for a fee. If the researchers wish to look into this, I will be pleased to refer you to an Account-Executive in our Toronto Office who can provide costs estimates and production timelines for such a product.

Our contacts in the Agriculture Division also mentioned that they have provided AAFC (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) with Census of Agriculture data at the Soil Landscapes of Canada (SLC) level for all of Canada. They suggested that you consult this resource before requesting a custom data extraction:

Interpolated Census of Agriculture to Soil Landscapes, Ecological Frameworks and Drainage Areas of Canada (See the Access Data section at the very bottom of that page. The links in this section appear to provide access to the Census of Agriculture data (1971-2006).)

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