Friday, November 13, 2009

Boundary Files


I have what I think is a very simple question. I have a student doing an assignment – she already has population data for 2006 census and she needs the boundary files in either ArcGIS or MapInfo formats at the CT level for the CMA of St. John’s. Will the Road Network files do this or is there another product I should be providing?


I believe the RNF does not actually include the boundaries; therefore, if you go to the geography/2006/spatial-info-products/ directory/sub-directories, you'll find options for downloading both arcinfo and mapinfo format.  Depending on whether or not you want shoreline, you'll go choose cbf (with shoreline) or dbf (without shoreline).  In this case, I don't think it makes a *huge* difference if you select dbf or cbf, although I tend to default to cbf unless I have reason not to do so (which is sometimes the case).  Within each of these sub-directories are national and provincial directories.  Choose national, and you'll see a further sub-directory for CT geography.

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