Friday, November 13, 2009

Creating and Displaying 2006 Census DA Level Maps On the Internet


As part of an assignment, students are asked to pretend they are ‘consultants’, and to generate maps using 2006 Census data for inclusion in a larger report.  They would like to have the option of working at the DA level, but could step back to CT’s if necessary.

Ultimately, this report will be posted to the school's web site, or to our institutional repository.  In either case, the report would be broadly and publicly available.  No data is being posted – just images of maps.  Tables and charts may be included as well.

For the record, there is up-front interest in this report from local groups in our community, who will have access to the report through the publicly available web site mentioned above.

Does this meet DLI licensing requirements?  I’ve already flagged the need to cite Statistics Canada appropriately.


The students are authorised users and they may use the DLI Census data at the DA level for this project as they only plan on producing a few static maps that will accompany a report. The static maps may be included with the report in your training repository or posted on the school's website and accessed by external users in the community.

For your reference, here are the licensing guidelines for displaying 2001 and 2006 Census data in map format on the Internet by DLI institutions: (we also have a link to this document in the reference materials section of our website).

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