Friday, November 13, 2009

Land Area of Saskatoon CMA from 1996 - 2001


(...) the area of the Saskatoon CMA from 1996-2001 went from 5322.09km in 96 to 5192.22km in 01. What caused this decline? We have thrown around many ideas and rationalisations, however we did not have a definitive answer.


I received the following information from our geography consultants in response to your question:

"The methodology for calculating land area underwent substantial change between the 1996 Census and the 2001 Census:

  • for the 1996 Census, land area was manually calculated using a planimeter on paper topographic maps. In general, manual calculations are subject to a number of discrepancies, including propagation errors over time and logical inconsistencies.

  • for the 2001 Census, land area was computer generated for the first time using the Geography Division's new digital database (NGB)."

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