Friday, November 22, 2019

Data, or Stats, re: New Ross Nova Scotia


I have a researcher interested in getting either some data or statistics on a VERY small community in Nova Scotia called New Ross. Looking up New Ross on the Stats Can site just brings up New Ross as an “Indian Reserve” (census subdivision) with a population of zero. It’s located in the Chester Municipal District. I can find data surrounding Chester – is there a way to carve it down to New Ross? Or is it just too small?


In part, I think New Ross is too small (though the Ross Farm is wonderful and should have it’s own census geography). But, you could look at the Dissemination Areas (New Ross seems to be at the overlap of DA 12060072, 12060074, 12060150, though primarily is 12060072, 12060074). Especially if they were to focus on DA 12060074, I didn’t see much else in terms of settlement in that one. It’s not exactly New Ross, but will probably be as close as the researcher can have without diving into the master file at one of the RDCs?


You may have already noticed this, so apologies if so, but I just noticed some stats in the Strategic Plan for the community on their website. They are survey results but there's some limited demographic information there as well as opinion polling.