Friday, November 8, 2019

Incarceration Rates



I have a Masters student who is looking for Black female incarceration rates in Canada. Would this only be available through the RDCs? Do you have any suggestions of where this data may also be found? (We are also looking at the Corrections Canada research and publications).


I’ve received the following response:

“This is not data we collect. Our Corrections data only account for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, we do not have any other ethnicity indicators.”


A quick search found the 2014 study of Black Inmate Experience from the Office of the Correctional Investigator (2014?)   It does give CSC counts of female Black inmates (only 55) compared to over 1 thousand Black male inmates.  Perhaps a followup wth the Office of the Correctional Investigator would get or data, to calculate incarceration rates from Black women?