Wednesday, June 19, 2019

PCCF+ Licensing

We are working with a Master’s student that would like to use the PCCF+ to run postal codes to match to DAs. She will be collecting the postal codes from a survey that is being run as part of a larger project that involves Queen’s University, the City and a consulting firm in town. She is a co-investigator and the work she will be doing will contribute to her Master’s thesis and results will be shared with the City and the consulting firm.

While the survey data will be accessible to non-Queen’s members of the project team; the PCCF+ would only be available to the student researcher.  If the student uses the PCCF+ to run the collected postal codes and get associated DAs, can just the DAs be shared as a result with non-Queen’s members of the project team?

The composition of the project team (with the municipality and consultants) partnering with the University is throwing us off a little bit.

We’ve received the following response from the PCCF team:

“Yes, just the DAs (geography) can be shared as a result with non-Queen’s members of the project team as long no postal codes are displayed in the student’s results or reports.

All end users receiving these products must abide by the requirements of the End-use Licence Agreement for these products.  We would like to point out some specific constraints on the use of these data products: 

  • to be used for the purpose of matching postal codeOM data to geography (Clause 4);
  • not to be used for mail preparation purposes (Clause 5);
  • acknowledgment of data licensed from Canada Post (Clause 7);
  • reproduction and publication of up to 1% of content (Clause 8); and
  • a disclaimer for search engine applications (Clause 10).”