Monday, June 10, 2019

CCHS Master File - Chinese Immigrants

A researcher is looking at possibly submitting an application to the RDC to access the CCHS-IMDB around healthy immigrant effect on older Chinese immigrants. She is wondering if it was possible to find out what the sample size is for the variable born in China? I have checked the CCHS PUMF and this table but both only have general options of white, black, Asian, or other and not the specific country or ethnic origin she is looking for.

I’ve spoken to one of the analysts at the RDC and although she would not be able to confirm sample sizes at the moment (as they do not have the data yet), she doesn’t anticipate there will be a problem with the proposal, given the sample size. Of course the proposal does go through institutional review, so if there are any problems anticipated for the researcher it would be flagged at that point.