Friday, June 14, 2019

New Release: SPSD/M Version 27.1

I am pleased to inform you that version 27.1 of the Social Policy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M) is now available on the EFT here: /MAD_SPSDM_BDMSPS_DAM/Root/27.1.

This is a model update – the database remains unchanged and remains based on the 2015 survey data from the Canadian Income Survey (CIS). This version is capable of modeling the tax/transfer system for all years from 1997 through 2025.

The update includes the following:

  • Changes resulting from the 2019-20 budgets, announced before May 1, 2019, have been incorporated.
  • Changes resulting from the 2018 tax forms have been incorporated.
  • Changes resulting from the 2018 and 2019 TD1s have been incorporated
  • The regulatory charge on fossil fuels has been included in the commodity tax model
  • The weights have been updated to reflect changes in Statistics Canada's population estimates.
  • The most recent economic growth projections from the Parliamentary Budget Office have been incorporated. Income and expenditures are now grown on a per capita basis in order to reflect demographic changes.
  • Commodity taxes based on fuel volume are projected by provincial population growth while other commodity taxes and expenditures (including fuel expenditures) are grown at the same rate as per capita personal income.