Thursday, November 10, 2016

LFS through the DLI - Economic Regions

I note the geography for the LFS through DLI[Nesstar] is limited to province and the 3 largest CMAs, however CANSIM includes a table [282-0124] with geography for the ERs.

I thought this would have been addressed before so I did look at the DLI archive and training repository, but find nothing addressing the fact that the LFS in Nesstar does not includes a breakdown by ER.

That is correct, in the Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) (the file on nesstar), the geographic variables are limited to the province and the 3 largest CMAs. Included in the PUMF you also have a wealth of other variables to choose from. Microdata enables a user more control over the variables offered for analysis. Whereas, the tables in CANSIM have limited variables for which a user can manipulate.

The variables in an aggregate data file (table on CANSIM) do not lend themselves to generating cross-tabulations of individuals since the initial unit of observation has been replaced by time (eg: time series data), geography (eg: census / geography) or a social construct (eg: cause of death – HID).

Modifications are performed to a PUMFs to anonymise the file, including combining variables, limiting categories, removing variables (example with Geography), etc, that will reduce the risk of users identifying a respondent.

More information can be found in section 4. Data in the DLI Survival Guide.