Monday, November 7, 2016

Concussion statistics

I have a student looking for the number of sports-related concussions sustained by 18-24 year olds (university-aged) in Canada. We’re finding concussion numbers (not specifically sports-related) or sports-related injuries (not specifically concussions), and we cannot find the age group she wants. I think the Canadian Community Health Survey would have this data, but would something this specific be a custom tab?

I did find some CIHI data that might be close enough, but I wanted to check with others in case I’m missing something.

From subject-matter:
Since this is DLI, I assume the student is using the PUMF. For 18-24, they could use DHHGAGE=3 or 4 (18-19 and 20-24). However, for injuries, the type of injury that represents concussions has been grouped with another category due to potential disclosure risks on certain categories. If they look at INJG05=8,this will represent concussion, brain injury or other internal injury. And for sports, they’d have to look at INJG092=1 (injured while doing sports or exercise).

If they don’t want internal injuries grouped in, then it would have to be a custom tab. In that case, you’d use INJ_05=8 (concussion or brain injury) and INJ_09=1 (injured while doing sports or exercise).

One important thing to explain to the client is that the INJ variables represents the most serious injury reported by the respondent, not all injuries in Canada. Each of those people who reported a different injury could have also had a concussion, but since it was not the most serious of the year, we don’t have data for it. So the INJ content gives you a rough idea of the injury rate.

From production:
If the client wishes to have a custom tabulation, we recommend using a two years estimate (2013-2014) as the sample size for a single year is quite small and reduces the reliability of the data.

Cost estimate : $189.00 plus applicable taxes
Delivery time: 10-15 business days.