Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gasoline consumption (in litres) for the Northwest Territories

A user is looking for gasoline consumption in litres by province/territory, which they found in table 405-0002 http://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/a26?lang=eng&id=4050002. They need these statistics for 1996 to 2005 for all provinces & territories. However, we notice that the Northwest Territories series was terminated in 1998.

Do you know of any other source for gasoline consumption data for the Northwest Territories?


“For the Gasoline survey (Cansim#405-0002), it is the combined series NWT+NU that were terminated in 1998, since the creation of NU territory in 1999, data are split for NWT and NU, and are available on Cansim 405-0002.

Another source they can consult is RESD Cansim#128-0017: Energy use, final demand: RESD uses AEND for the final demand breakdown (Annual End use of Refined Petroleum Products: survey #2168: this survey is not published separately on Cansim ); most of the data on RESD are either confidential or not available. In RESD (AEND) that will be the sales by refiner/major distributor that will be reflected: AEND is called “Annual End use of RPP” but it is from the refiner/major distributor surveyed side: what they sold to the different industries which not what is actually consumed by those industries.

When comparing MRPP domestic sales of motor gasoline to Gasoline survey gross sales of gasoline : MRPP sales are lower because some motor gasoline sales might be done through secondary distributors (those distributors are not surveyed under MRPP). On the other hand MRPP diesel sales are higher than diesel sales reported in the Gasoline survey because Gasoline survey include only Taxable diesel sales to NWT customers while MRPP estimates include net domestic sales to NWT, higher diesel estimates for MRPP are caused by the inventories held (fuel purchased but not sold) by fuel distributors in the NWT.”