Wednesday, November 2, 2016

International Merchandise Trade Data by Commodity Classification, 2009

There is a researcher here on campus using the "International Merchandise Trade Data by Commodity Classification, 2009". We were noticed for some rows zeroes are listed for quantity (position 33-45 in the row) and value (CDN$) (position 46-58) is not zero. It is strange for nothing to have a value. I have looked through the documentation here: But, it is not clear to me.


“CIMT is limited to HS6 level data and as such there are likely to be HS8 or HS10-level codes nested under any given HS6 code. The nested HS8 or HS10 codes may have different units of measure for each commodity they represent. Without a common unit of measure for all nested codes under a given HS6 code any quantity amounts cannot be represented at the HS6 level.”