Monday, September 12, 2016

Request for IMDB custom tab

I have a researcher who is interested in getting some custom tabulations from the IMDB. He needs longitudinal micros level data on individual refugees older than 19 years of age for approximately 5 years since landing.

In order to assist his request, is it possible to get a list of the IMDB variables?

Below is the response we have received from subject matter:

“Unfortunately, IMDB micro-records are not released and all aggregate statistics are subject to suppression and rounding, in order to prevent the disclosure of identifiable data.

If the researcher wishes to purchase a custom tabulation of aggregate data, please put him/her in touch with us directly.

Followup Question
If the researcher proceeds with the custom tab, will that data then be made available to all DLI participants? It was my understanding that this is the case but I'm not clear on the process. Does the researcher have to release the data (to me?) for distribution? 

Followup Answer
Custom tabs fall under the Open Licence Agreement, for more information please see:

  • Statistics Canada Open Licence Agreement
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • The Open Licence applies to both standard and custom products and services with the exception of Statistics Canada's postal products (see list) and Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs).
However, it would be at the researcher’s discretion to share the outputs with us.