Monday, September 12, 2016

Divorce rates by year of marriage and by province

A researcher found CANSIM Table 101-6510 (divorce rates by year of marriage and by province), but it is available for 2004 only. She would like the same information for 1988-1991.

I haven’t been able to track down any other years in CANSIM – was it really only done for that one year or is it possible to get it for the earlier years?

Answer 1
There are some historical tables, even though they are very difficult to find as there are no dates given in the CANSIM titles L, see:

Table 053-0002
Vital statistics, divorces, *Terminated* annual (number), 1970-2003

Table 075-0014 1
Historical statistics, population, by marital status, age group and sex, *Terminated*, 1871-1971
every 10 years (persons)

It will be interesting to see what other tables that subject matter identifies.

Answer 2
Subject matter has clarified that the information for those years (1988 to 1991) is available in the older publications on marriage. 

Followup Response
Thanks but unfortunately I’m looking for the divorce rate, not marriages.

I did find the publication Divorce – Shelf Tables (84-213) which has a lot of tables for a variety of different variables, but not year of marriage. It also states that custom tabulations are available, so maybe this will be the way to go.