Monday, September 26, 2016

HPV Vaccination Rates


I have doctoral student here who’s researching HPV vaccination rates, but stats are pretty thin on the ground. I’ve checked PHAC’s site and have found a few useful items. Searching CIHI was less productive. I’ve also contacted individual health regions in the province to see if they collect immunization stats and would be willing to share them.

My questions are two:

1. Is there an updated version of the National Immunization Coverage Survey (the most recent one I’ve found is 2013)?

2. Are there other sources of immunization data that I’ve overlooked/don’t know about?


I see that the frequency of collection for the Childhood National Immunization Coverage Survey (CNICS) is every two years. I can confirm with subject matter if there is a 2015 reference period.

I have been able to find the following reference that may be of use on the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI):

Table 5. Summary of evidence (published and unpublished) related to HPV9 vaccine

Vaccine uptake in Canadian adults: Results from the 2014 adult National Immunization Coverage Survey (aNICS)

The 2014 aNICS was conducted by the Environics Research Group.

CNICS was collected in 2015. For the time being, there is no date set as for the release. It will not be before 2017.