Friday, September 19, 2014

Update on Postal Code(OM) Conversion File Plus Version 6A1

PCCF+ Version 6A1

Please note that an error has been identified in the 6-digit postal code weighting file (WC6DUPS) in PCCF+ Version 6A. This resulted in approximately 46,000 urban postal codes being inadvertently included in the WC6DUPS file (which is primarily used to assign population weights for rural and retired postal codes linked to two or more DAs). As a result, some of these urban postal codes may be assigned to an incorrect dissemination area. A new version of PCCF+ (version 6A1) has been created to rectify this error. The new version contains an updated WC6DUPS file where postal codes with a delivery mode type equal to A or B that were linked to 1, 2 or 3 DAs (according to the PCCFDUPS file) have been removed. The associated pointer file (WC6POINT) has also been updated. All other files and content remains unchanged.

Comparison PCCF+ version 6A and 6A1.
File Name 6A 6A1
WC6DUPS 202592 104728
WCPPOINT 69568 23865