Friday, September 5, 2014

"Gross Farm Receipts" in the Census of Agriculture 1981 & 1986


I have a researcher who is doing a long term economic analysis of farming. His is looking at “Gross Farm Receipts”. These are available in Census of Agriculture excel tables, by Census Division from the 1991 census onward. He would like Gross Farm Receipts at the division and subdivision level for 1981 and 1986. They do not appear on the excel tables for these years. But he has a report published in the 1980’s which lists aggregate Gross Farm Receipts for these years. I wish to confirm if the “gross farm receipts” variable was collected at the Census division level for 1981 and 1986. If so, where might we find it. If it is was not collected, where might we find a definition for how gross farm receipts were calculated, so he might be able to calculate it from variables which were collected in 1981, and 1986.


Total Gross Farm Receipts” were collected for 1981 and 1986 and were labelled “Total Value of Agricultural Products Sold” on the flat files available to the DLI community (files: CANADA818.xls last column in the and CAN868.xls in the

These data are available at the Census Division (CD) and Census Consolidated Subdivision (CCS) levels:

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