Friday, March 7, 2014

Inter-Corporate Ownership


I have a researcher interested in using ICO data going as far back as 1985. I was reading on the DLI webpage: <>, which says that: "The 1985 to 2003 editions of this product can be ordered by DLI Contacts through the DLI product order form". But, under "Notes" it says "DLI Contacts can order issues of this product for 1995 to 2003 through the DLI product order form." How far back can we order the ICO data through DLI?


We only have back to 1996 in our collection holding CD-roms, so I believe it could have been an error on the DLI product page site. I even looked at the ICO product page in the StatCan catalogue, which states it goes back to 1994, and that there is the print edition. Print 61-517-XPB. History note continues the print publication with the same title commencing with the first quarter 2001. We have had publication copies prior to that.