Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2011 Farm Receipts


I'm looking for 2011 farm receipts by individual product in Niagara (CD). On the StatCan site, the data by crop is numbers of farms/acres/hectares/head, and the farm receipts are given for categories of total gross only. Am I overlooking something, or is it available as a custom tab?


According to the Agriculture Division, we do not ask for gross farm receipts by individual products on the census questionnaire; only total gross farm receipts of the operation. You can see how the question is asked in Step 31, page 14, of the census questionnaire at:

FIPS explained that, the lowest level of geography produced for the Farm Cash Receipts series is at the provincial leveI--in this case for Ontario. Unfortunately, we do not have data for the Niagara region.

Farm Cash Receipts data is available by commodity. Below are links to the related Cansim Tables. The quarterly table includes data for the first three quarters of 2013. To obtain data for Ontario, click on the Add/Remove Data button and then select the required detail (province, commodity, time frame etc…)

CANSIM tables
002-0001 Farm cash receipts, annual <>
002-0002 Farm cash receipts, quarterly <>