Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Labour Force Survey - Immigrant and Aboriginal Identity


Am I right in concluding that the variables relating to immigrant status and aboriginal identity are suppressed from the LFS PUMF, at all levels of geography? I’ve also looked at the Aboriginal People and the Labour Market, but it doesn’t provide the derived data that we need.

The student wants to correlate minority status population (aboriginal identity, immigrant status, and women) with NAICS code employment data. Can you suggest any other resource(s) that would provide this kind of analysis?


The Aboriginals identity are not available in the PUMF files. The Aboriginals data are produced with a different weight than the regular LFS data. A custom tabulation is available.

Have you considered data from the National Household Survey?

In order to provide a comprehensive overview of an area this product presents data from both the NHS and the 2011 Census. NHS data topics include: Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity; Aboriginal Peoples; Education and Labour; Mobility and Migration; Language of work; Income and Housing. 2011 Census data topics include: Population and dwelling counts; Age and sex; Families, households and marital status; Structural type of dwelling and collectives; and Language.

There are also data tables from NHS that may be of interest in the Education and Labour topic, which have aboriginal identity, immigration status and NAICS.

There is also the Aboriginal Labour Force Analysis Series that could be of interest.