Thursday, February 27, 2014

Indexing on Statistics Canada Web Site


I was recently looking for “How to Cite Statistics Canada Products” <http://www.statcan.>, having somehow lost my bookmark to it. I searched on the main StatCan page for “cite”< html?style=emp&qt=cite&la=en&qm=1&st=1&oq=&rq=0&rf=0>, and much to my surprise didn’t find it. Is this an aberration, or are only materials meeting the current standards searchable?


When you search, ensure to select “All content”... by default “Latest content” is selected. When I searched “cite” and selected “all content” it is in the results:<http://www.statcan.gc. ca/pub/12-591-x/12-591-x2009001-eng.htm>.

It's also available more directly on a Google search. Google is a much more effective and efficient search engine for discovering content on the Statistic’s Canada web site than their native search engine. Especially when you use Google Advanced search.