Friday, January 17, 2014

Updated Products: CIUS 2012

Please note the updated products listed below and the path to access them via the EFT site.

Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS), 2012

The public use microdata file from the 2012 Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS) is now available.

The Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS) was redesigned in 2010 to better measure the type and speed of household Internet connections. It is a hybrid survey that measures both household Internet access and the individual online behaviours of a selected household member. It replaces the previous CIUS, a biennial survey conducted in 2005, 2007 and 2009. As the new survey has two distinct components - household and individual - with revised and streamlined questions, it is not appropriate to directly compare results from these two surveys in most cases.

The Household Component of the CIUS includes a short series of questions on the type of Internet connections and devices used by households to access the Internet from home, as well as availability of high speed service, and a standard module on household income. The questions may be answered by any knowledgeable member of the household. This content is supplemented by selected household characteristics and some geographic detail (i.e. province and region).

EFT: /MAD_DLI/Root/other-products/Canadian Internet Use Survey - cius/2012