Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Multigenerational Households


A researcher would like to identify the common variables on multigenerational families (i.e., three generations in the household) across the GSS time use surveys. Are we correct in thinking there are no multigenerational variables for 1986 and 1992?

To check that we are not missing anything, what does the 10 = LIVING WITH TWO PARENTS) and 11 = LIVING WITH ONE PARENT mean in 1992 for the variable: DVLVGRGR: Grouped living arrangement of the respondent? Would this mean just two generations: respondent and parent(s)? Would DVRELHD RELATIONSHIP TO REFERENCE PERSON for 1986, 7 = parent, would be the same?

Where can we find more information?


1986 seems to be very limited. The closest would be DVLYGARR but it only includes the 2 generations-- Parent and child. 1992, however, seems to have more options. There’s DVLVGR which includes "spouse" and "single child" and "other relatives" and other similar variables. However, "other relative" is vague.

Another way to go about it would be to check if the mother or father is in the household: DVPLMO and DVPLFA and if a child is also present DVRC024C. Unfortunately, the household matrix was not expanded as much as it has been in later cycles so it makes it much more difficult to figure out multigenerational households. And our newer cycles are going back to that model.