Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gifted People


I'm looking for percentages of gifted people in the neurotypical population. I understand "gifted people" to mean people that are gifted in one or more subjects such as math, music, sciences, languages, etc.
Ultimately I'd like to contrast this percentage with the percentage of gifted people in the autistic population (a number that's easily accessible). I've had little success with this search. The only fact I can find is a mention from the 1994-1995 cycle of the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth that "about 7% [of students are] in some type of education program for gifted children."


I contacted special surveys and Education Division for more information. We certainly would not have the data at the level of granularity you require. What you have sourced is the best we have with the exception of a research paper offered in 2007.
The NLSCY looked at income and scholastic results. A report came out in 2006-2007, see link below, that looked at such findings. <> ; Any reference to "gifted" is based on the child "not" being enrolled in a special education program for academic problems - see below. But "gifted" was not necessarily the single identifier (very generalized).
Also from Special Surveys I noted that the Survey of Young Canadians asks if a child is enrolled in a school program for gifted students (EDC_Q07) and they confirmed that - yes the SYC data is available as a custom tab or through the RDC.