Friday, January 31, 2014

Historical Census Base Maps


How possible would it be to obtain/create digital base maps of the census districts in Ontario for 1871, 1891, 1911, and possibly for 1930 based on data from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. 

I know the Bloomfields at Guelph recreated the 1871 district boundaries as part of their CANIND71 project (though I don't know how to access those digital files since the site only links to PDFs), but I don't know if base maps exist for the other years or if they were typically destroyed/lost along with the original paper schedules.


Unfortunately we are not be able to provide digital maps for the years in question, even as a cost recovery project. We can only go back to 1981 for digital base maps at the CD level, 1971 for PDF maps. Our Geographer suggested trying NRCan for their National Atlas, but he is not certain how far back their maps extend.