Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Personal Expenditures 1930- 2000


I have a researcher looking for $ amounts of personal expenditures from 1930 – 2000. More recent data (1962-2010) has been downloaded from CANSIM table 380-0009. Data from 1926-1946 are available in CANSIM table 380-0054. Is there anything available that will cover the entire time period or fill in the gaps between 1947 and 1961?


Table F76-90 Personal income and its disposition, 1926 to 1976 in Historical Statistics of Canada (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/11-516-x/sectionf/4057751-eng.htm#1) and CANSIM table 380-0024 Personal expenditure on goods and services, annual may be of interest to the researcher as well.

I will also ask the division responsible for these CANSIM tables to advise and to confirm if a source that would cover the entire time period (1930 to 2000) is available. I will send you their recommendations as soon as possible.

Additional Information

The division that produces the CANSIM tables you located indicated that they do not have historical personal expenditure (PE) estimates back to 1930. They provided the following explanation and recommendation:

"(...) At the latest historical revision in 1997, PE for Canada was revised back only to 1961. What’s available before 1961 on CANSIM 380-0054 doesn’t follow the SNA (System of National Accounts) 1993 Guide.

For consistent PE estimates, please check Table 16 (Personal Expenditure in current dollars) and Table 17 (Personal Expenditure in Constant Dollars) in the following link: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/13-019-x/2010003/f1-eng.htm".

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