Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Number of Heroin Users Living in Newfoundland during the 1970s


A graduate student is wanting to find out some information on the number of heroin users who lived in Newfoundland in any one year (or multiple years) in the 1970s.

Are there any prominent publications that Statistics Canada (or other agencies) that kept track of these sorts of drug statistics in Canada?

I am aware of the “Drug Users and Statistics” publication (which apparently started in 1977), but it seems our university library only has holdings for the 1980s. Are there any other sources available that I should consult?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thank you for your question below.

We have asked the Statistics Canada Library reference team to confirm if they have a source for these historical statistics in their collection. They will be following up with you directly. You may also reach them at biblionet@statcan.gc.ca.

The following CANSIM tables include provincial crime statistics from the late 1970's related to heroin and may also be of interest to the student. The student can download them at not cost from CANSIM on E-STAT (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/estat/licence-eng.htm).

Table 252-0013 Crime statistics, by detailed offences, annual (number), *Terminated*

Table 252-0014 Adult and youth charged, by detailed offences, annual (number), *Terminated*

The student may also wish to look into the historical statistics which may be available from other federal and provincial government departments and organizations that conduct research and disseminate information on drug use in Canada.

Best regards.

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