Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full Time/Part Time Work by CSD


I have a PhD student looking for number of hours worked for 2 CSDs for 1986 and 1991 censuses. Based on the example for later censuses here: http://www.communityaccounts.ca/communityaccounts/onlinedata/display_table.asp?_=0bfAjIydpaWrnbSTh5-FvKRsxKFjXHe6uJS8u5mBi8nAXWiP#footanch0, I'm guessing it will be one of two variables: Last week, how many hours did you work? and/or During most of the reference period, did you work full time or part time? I can't see any standard product (print or online) that provides this by CSD. Is there any alternative to a custom tab for this information?


The 1991 and 1986 2B Profiles for CSDs available through E-STAT may be of interest to the student. To access these:

1) Go to E-STAT

2) Click on Search Censuses in E-STAT

3) Select a Census, click Go

4) Select 1991 (2B) detailed questionnaire, Provinces to municipalities or 1986 (2B) detailed questionnaire, Provinces to Municipalities

5) Select the desired geographic areas and characteristics (options include: Males - Worked full year, full time (33), Males - Worked part year or part time (34), Females - Worked full year, full time (33), Females - Worked part year or part time (34))

The following Basic Summary Tables (BSTs) from the 1991 and 1986 Census may be of interest as well. They are available on the DLI FTP site. Please note that the student would need to work with the files using a statistical analysis application like SPSS.

For 1991:

N9102 Population 15 years and over by age groups (17) and sex (3), work activity in 1990 (15) (20%)

N9105 Employed labour force 15 years and over by age groups (17a) and sex (3), hours worked in reference week (10) (20%)

The University of Toronto describes these files on their site at: http://datalib.chass.utoronto.ca/cc91/cc91bsts.htm

For 1986:

LF86B07 - labour force 15 years and over by work activity in 1985 (14) (number of weeks worked in 1985 and whether these weeks were mostly full or part time) and sex (3)

This and other 1986 BSTs are described on the University of Toronto website at: http://datalib.chass.utoronto.ca/cc86/cc86bst.htm

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or if these don't meet the student's needs.

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