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Credit Counselling Information


Hello all. Not sure if anyone here can help, but if there is an answer, I'm sure I won't find a more-knowledgeable group to ask. Cheers and thanks.

Here’s the situation: from the mid-1960s until March 31, 1992, the province subsidized the operating expenses of non-profit credit counselling agencies in Ontario. Ideally, I’d like to know how much each agency received from the province in each year over this period. The annual Report of the Minister of Community and Social Services usually had a paragraph saying how many credit counselling agencies received funding; our library has these reports for 1973-1975 and 1978-82. The publication called Expenditures by Municipality shows how much each municipality received for credit counselling and we have the volumes for the three fiscal years ending in March 1975- March 1977. However, it’s not clear that there was only one credit counselling agency in each municipality (though this seems likely).

So one question is whether the other volumes of these two publications are available elsewhere (I assume the answer is ...yes.). The more difficult question is whether there is a list somewhere of which agency got how much money as opposed to which municipality got how much money.

A further question is how much money each agency got from the United Way over this period since the United Way was another major source of funds.


The Annual Report of the Minister of Community and Social Services appears to be available at the University of Windsor and Wilfrid Laurier University libraries:

AMICUS No. 19637618 2 Location(s) Ontario. Ministry of Community and Social Services. ANNUAL REPORT OF THE MINISTRY OF COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL SERVICES.

OWA 1972/1973-1983/1984 CA2ON SM.... ..A56 ENG (University of Windsor, Leddy Library)
OWTL PAPER: 1982/1983-1983/1984 : MICROFICHE: 1972/1973 -1981/1982 CA2ON SM A56 (Wilfrid Laurier University, Library)

The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University seem to have a number of volumes of Expenditures by municipalities in their collection:

AMICUS No. 30018419 1 Location(s) Expenditures by municipality, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. -- 1990
OWTL PAPER: 1975/1976-1977/1978; 1979/1980; 1981/1982; 1983 /1984 : MICROFICHE: 1974/1975; 1978/1979; 1980/1981; 1982/1983 CA2ON SM E85 (Wilfrid Laurier University, Library)
OWTU 1969/70-1983/84 CA2ONSF E85 (Waterloo)

Lists of groups/organizations that have received United Way funding and grants and in some case the amount they received are included in some current local United Way publications. The researcher may wish to contact the United Way of Canada ( to see if they have a national historical database with funding information. If they don't, the researcher could consider contacting the local United Ways directly to confirm what historical information they could provide.

This may be a bit of a long shot but the Archives of Ontario (; may have sources that detail how much money each non-profit credit counselling agency received from the government of Ontario during the period that interests the researcher. One could contact them as well to see what sources they would recommend.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful.

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