Thursday, October 21, 2010

Data on Aboriginal Graduates and Aboriginal Faculty


I was wondering whether any one has suggestions on possible sources for the following:

1. Number of Aboriginal Graduates by year [2005 - 2010] across universities in Canada. At the minimum, looking for figures for Medical/ Doctoral universities.

2. Number of faculty who identified themselves as Aboriginal by university. Would like to have the most recent data. At the minimum, looking for figures for Medical/ Doctoral universities.

I have looked at the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program (PCEIP) tables but these do not contain the desired breakdowns. I suspect that nothing beyond the information recorded in the Aboriginal Peoples Survey (2006) is likely to be available.


Our education contacts have indicated that, as you suspected, their surveys unfortunately wouldn't answer these questions. They have suggested that we look into what data are available through the Census.

You may wish to have a look at the following 2006 Census topic based tabulations some of which include data on Aboriginal Identity and Highest Certificate, Diploma or Degree (but not annually, nor by institution or type of institution unfortunately).,97154&S=0&SHOWALL=0&SUB=738&Temporal=2006&THEME=73&VID=0&VNAMEE=&VNAMEF=

The 2006 Census Individuals File PUMF includes an Aboriginal identity variable and an Occupation variable based on the 2006 National Occupational Classification for Statistics [NOC-S 2006] but the occupation breakdown is quite general (ex. Teachers and professors (E1)).

More detailed occupation related Census data by Aboriginal identity may be available as custom tables. If your client wishes to look into what tables could be produced on a custom basis, I would be happy to refer you to an Account Executive who could confirm what tables could be produced and at what cost.

The Aboriginal Peoples Survey 2006 ( appears to have collected education related data including the year in which the most recent certificate, diploma or degree was obtained and year when post-secondary education was last taken but not by institution however.

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