Thursday, March 15, 2007

Same-sex Couples in PUMFs


I have been looking at same-sex couples in Canada and thought I would be able to tease them out of the 2001 Census PUMF (either the individual or the family file). I have not been able to do so, presumably because of confidentiality considerations. I know that there is a question on the long census form about same-sex common law status, but this seems to have been aggregated with all common law partnerships in the PUMF. Am I missing something, or has in fact this information been suppressed? If so I assume that it would be available at one of the RDCs.

I know that other surveys (the CCHS and the GSS) contain info on same-sex marriages, sexual behaviour, etc., which I may also find useful, but is this information also suppressed in the public use files?


There is no variable that defines same-sex couples in the 2001 Census PUMF. Same-sex couples are grouped under Common-law couples.

RDC access to the master file should remove this problem, but you should verify with them

Please also find the following information from the University of Toronto's Data Library Service:

You can't get a 'count' but you can generate an estimate, not from census, but from GSS 15 main file, in which you have the following variables:

- sex of the respondent (sex)
- sex of the respondent's partner in the household (sexpr)
- sample weight (wght_per) or bootstrap weights

Before releasing that estimate, however, make sure you read very carefully chapter 8 of the user guide, which covers release guidelines and data reliability.

There is also a count in table 97f0005xcb2001040:
Presence of other household members (5) and sex (3) for same-sex common-law partners in private households

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